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Board Rules,Read This Before Posting

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1Board Rules,Read This Before Posting Empty Board Rules,Read This Before Posting on Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:26 am


Allmighty Admin
Allmighty Admin
Welcome to MKM 2.0!
Just some very basic rules to follow to keep things clean.

New users please post in the introductions thread and tell us a bit about yourself and your cats.You will then gain access to the other areas of the forums.Accounts of new users who fail to make any posts within 2 weeks, or only login using PROXY servers will be deleted.

No posting of illegal materials.

Do not attack board members or staff,respect others opinions, you may suggest they do something differently but don't be over confrontational.

No linking to websites for commercial gain,breeders are allowed to link to their own sites and members can can link to sites that they are not affiliated with directly but that's it.

Try to keep posts on topic.

Post in the appropriate sections.

Keep images posted outside of the pictures section as small as possible, clickable thumbnails preferred.This helps the site load fast for those with slow internet or computers.

Don't back seat moderate, if you have problem with a particular post or user for whatever reason, PM a moderator or admin.

Most importantly HAVE FUN.


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